Evaluating the Design Using Basic Building Blocks for Anonymity

Part of the Advances in Information Security book series (ADIS, volume 35)

In this Chapter we use the basic building blocks for anonymity from the APES project, as introduced in Chap. 21, to evaluate the designs from Part II and Part III.

In Sect. 22.1 we decompose our designs and map the functionality that is relevant for certain anonymity aspects to appropriate building blocks from the APES approach. Having decomposed our designs into building blocks for anonymity, in Sect. 22.2 we firstly describe the use of each building block in our design, and we secondly consider the unused building blocks for further improvement of our design. The findings of this analysis are summarized in Sect. 22.3. The rather theoretical results from this Chapter are corroborated in Chap. 23 by an empirical performance evaluation of the implementation from Part III.


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