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In this Chapter some extensions to the basic algorithms from Chap. 15 are proposed. The extension in Sect. 16.1 considers a finer-grained attacker model. In Sect. 16.2 an extension is given that allows to conceal the number of entities in a disclosure context. This extension does not work for shares marked with linkability labels. Conversely, the extension in Sect. 16.3 is suitable to implement the mismatch avoidance approach in practice. Two further extensions that allow to specify more concise models of disclosure scenarios are given in Sect. 16.4 and in Sect. 16.5. Finally, Sect. 16.6 outlines, how our approach for technical purpose binding of pseudonym disclosure can be combined with organizational purpose binding.


Secret Sharing Scheme Negative Weight Threshold Scheme Threshold Cryptography Mismatch Detection 
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