Tasting the Moon

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Surveyor 5 was the first of the project to be assigned to an eastern portion of the Apollo zone. The target was a 60-km-diameter circle in the southwestern region of Mare Tranquillitatis, centred 80 km east of Sabine. The highlands to the west were characterised by prominent southeast-tending ridges and valleys that formed part of the Imbrium sculpture. The target was about 70 km north of the southern boundary of the mare, and 38 km northwest of Moltke. It was also 60 km southwest of where Ranger 8 struck. There were no mare ridges in the immediate vicinity, but the area was crossed by faint rays from Theophilus 350 km to the south. In fact, owing to the magnitude of the gravity turn required to cancel the approach angle relative to local vertical, this site was about as far east as a Surveyor was capable of venturing.


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