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Robot-Assisted Surgery: Technology and Current Clinical Status

  • Russell K. Woo
  • David A. Peterson
  • David Le
  • Michael E. Gertner
  • Thomas Krummel


Since their commercial introduction in the early 1990s, robotic telemanipulator surgical systems have been increasingly used to facilitate complex minimal access surgical procedures. In the field of general surgery, such systems have been used to perform a wide variety of operations including foregut procedures, colon resections, and bariatric operations. In addition, these systems have seen significant use in several surgical subspecialties including urology, cardiothoracic surgery, and pediatric surgery. With improvements in robotic instrumentation and technology, interest and experience with robotic surgery has grown. This chapter reviews the current experience with robotic surgical systems in general surgery, highlighting the origins, current state, and future directions of robotic surgery.


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