Tuned Circuits in Bandpass Amplifiers

  • Donald O. Pederson
  • Kartikeya Mayaram


Bandpass amplifiers can be operated both as small-signal circuits and as largesignal amplifiers, similar to the situation for lowpass amplifiers. For a smallsignal amplifier, the desired overall gain (transfer) function should provide a magnitude versus frequency response such as that shown in Figure 8.1. The peak-magnitude response occurs at what is labeled the center frequency, fo. By definition, the frequencies where the magnitude is ‘down’ from the peak value by a given amount are called the passband edges, and the interval between these is the bandwidth of the passband. Commonly, the bandedges are defined in terms of the 3 dB points and the bandwidth is then called the 3 dB bandwidth.


Center Frequency Magnitude Response Resonant Circuit Primary Side Impedance Transformer 


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