Organic Nanotechnology Enabled Sensors

Nanotechnology, without any doubts, has already shown its impact on the development of organic sensors. Such sensors employ organic materials, in particular biomaterials, as components of nano devices and nanostructured sensitive layers.

In this book, the definition of an organic sensor is a device that has either, at least, an organic element in its building structure or it utilizes an organic element to sense either a target analyte and/or physical changes. Organic molecules of interest in the fabrication of such sensors consist of a myriad of natural and synthetic materials which include small organic molecules (such as lipids, neurotransmitters and carbohydrates), monomers (such as amino acids, nucleotides and phosphates), synthetic polymers (such as Teflon and polyaniline), biopolymers (such as DNA, RNA, proteins and polysaccharides), and other synthetic macromolecules (such as dendrimers).


Surface Plasmon Resonance Porous Silicon Gold Surface Peptide Nucleic Acid Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide 
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