Many different methods for the distribution of science communication products can be chosen to fight the “battle to be heard” and several of them are often employed in parallel. Some of the most commonly used are:
  • Direct mailing of physical materials.

  • Email distribution lists: Create y our own lists as well as using external ones.

  • Web distribution (also discussed in sections 6.4 and 13.3): Nearly all products need to be available on the web. The web is unbeatable as a repository tool and offers 24-7 availability.

  • Distribution via third-party partners: Such as press release portals, video portals (vortals) or external companies that sell your products (for the latter see section 20.1).

  • Press conferences (see chapter 18).

  • Networking: The personal contact between journalists and scientists/PIOs will always work better than more or less anonymously distributed paper and electronic products.


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