Planar Dielectric Waveguides

Because of the simplicity of the planar geometry and the tractability of the analytic solutions associated with this geometry, the very first canonical solution for a given physical problem is usually obtained analytically for a planar structure. This also implies that solutions for the planar structure, which can yield great insight into the problems, are of fundamental importance [1, 2].

Here, we not only shall present the analysis of a canonical slab (planar) dielectric waveguide leading to the detailed theoretical solutions, but also provide detailed analyses on other planar structures – a leaky slab dielectric waveguide [3], a multilayered (or inhomogeneous) dielectric waveguide [4], and coupled planar dielectric waveguides [5]. We shall also discuss the very first, historically speaking, surface wave guiding structure – the Sommerfeld–Zenneck surface impedance guiding structure [6].


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