Genetic Programming: Theory and Practice

An Introduction to Volume IV
  • Terence Soule
  • Rick L. Riolo
  • Bill Worzel
Part of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation book series (GEVO)


The talks and discussion during the fourth annual Genetic Programming Theory and Practice workshop (GPTPIV), held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from May 11 to May 13 2006, suggest that the development of GP has crossed a watershed, from an emphasis on exploratory research to focusing on tackling large, real-world applications. Organized by the Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) of the University of Michigan and supported by Third Millenium, State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), Christopher T. May of Red Queen Capital Management, Michael Korn, and the Biocomputing and Developmental Systems Group of the University of Limerick, the goal of the workshop is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Paraphrasing the introduction to the first workshop, the goal is “to allow theory to inform practice and practice to test theory.” To that end, the GPTP workshop again assembled a group of leading theoreticians and practitioners to present and discuss their recent work.


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  • Rick L. Riolo
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  • Bill Worzel
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  2. 2.Center for the Study of Complex SystemsUniveristy of MichiganUSA
  3. 3.Genetics, SquaredAnn Arbor

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