Acoustic Microscopy Applied to NanoStructured Thin Film Systems

  • Chiaki Miyasaka
Part of the Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry book series (MAOE, volume 44)


The present volume is devoted to the issues of modeling and numerical simulations in electrochemistry. With the continuing development of more and more powerful computer hardware and software systems, the nature of modeling keeps evolving and expanding. Workers in industry and academia keep developing, testing, and understanding and producing new products. Those in most cases require new materials which benefit from modeling as it obviates the need to actually try every possible new material. Indeed, owing to the growth in the development of material science and technology, the requirements for high-quality, reliable materials have become more stringent. That is so especially in the nano 3D space industries. It is more often than not difficult for conventional materials to completely meet those new more stringent requirements. In this case, closer study of nanostructured materials is often called for. However, such study/search is not possible if no data for securing reliability and safety of the nanostructured materials can be assured.


Acoustic Wave Surface Acoustic Wave Spherical Aberration Acoustic Image Reflectance Function 
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C.M. thanks M. Schlesinger for his useful advice, and E. Buakulin for developing the simulation software.


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