Tranquility Base

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The flight plan called for the moonwalk to start about midnight Houston time. The idea had been to accommodate the possibility of the landing being delayed by one revolution, and still give Armstrong and Aldrin a period in which to wind down before starling the EVA preparations. However, as Armstrong reflected, “We had thought, even before launch, that: if everything went perfectly and we were able to touch down precisely on time; if we didn’have any systems problems to concern us; and if we found that we could adapt to the one-sixth gravity lunar environment readily; then it would make more sense to go ahead and complete the EVA while we were still wide awake but, in all candour, we didn’ think this was a very high probability.” Nevertheless, some 2 hours after landing, Aldrin called Houston, “Our recommendation at this point is to plan the EVA, with your concurrence, to start about 8 o’clock Houston time; that’s about 3 hours from now.”


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