Dispersion compensating fiber used as a transmission fiber: inverse/reverse dispersion fiber

  • Kazunori Mukasa
  • Katsunori Imamura
  • Iwao Shimotakahara
  • Takeshi Yagi
  • Kunio Kokura
Part of the Optical and Fiber Communications Reports book series (OFCR, volume 5)

This paper gives an overview of IDF/RDF fiber design and development for submarine system. It starts with the concept of dispersion management line and its difference from the conventional DCF used in a module. Then it reviews the fiber design details and optical properties of various types of fibers used as parts of dispersion management lines. Fiber splicing issues using MFD expanding method and a brief summary of transmission experiments using the dispersion management lines are also included. Finally, we discussed a medial dispersion alternative comprising a positive and negative medial dispersion fiber and future optical properties improvements possibilities.


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  • Katsunori Imamura
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  • Iwao Shimotakahara
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  • Takeshi Yagi
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  • Kunio Kokura
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