Deformation Mechanisms in Nanocrystalline Materials

  • Mohammed CherkaouiEmail author
  • Laurent Capolungo
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 112)

Nanocrystalline (NC) materials have a particularly interesting microstructure characterized by large amounts of interfaces and, depending on the fabrication process, by the presence of defects (e.g., impurities, voids). This was discussed in Chapter 2. Prior to detailing the particular plastic deformation mechanisms associated with NC materials, let us recall some of the key features of the response of NC materials such as (1) the breakdown of the Hall-Petch law, (2) elastic pseudo perfect plastic response in quasi-static tests, and (3) increasing strain rate sensitivity parameter with decreasing grain size. All of these indicators clearly suggest that the activity of each probable deformation mechanism is likely to exhibit a pronounced size dependence.


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