Structure, Mechanical Properties, and Applications of Nanocrystalline Materials

  • Mohammed CherkaouiEmail author
  • Laurent Capolungo
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Nanocrystalline (NC) materials are composed of grain cores with well-defined atomic arrangement (e.g., face center cubic, body center cubic) joined by an interphase region composed of grain boundaries and higher-order junctions (e.g., triple junctions, quadruple junctions). Early experiments on nanocrystalline materials have shown that the interphase region and particularly grain boundaries exhibit an almost grain size–independent thickness [1]. Hence, as the grain size is decreased, the volume fraction of the interphase region increases. Supposing a tetracaidecahedral grain shape, corresponding to a realistic grain shape, the following expressions of the volume fraction of interphase (e.g., grain boundaries and triple junctions), grain boundaries, and triple junctions can be derived [2].


Equal Channel Angular Pressing Strain Rate Sensitivity Triple Junction Nanocrystalline Material Excess Volume 
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