Time and Space-Resolved Spectroscopy

Spatial, temporal and spectral resolution in laser-materials processing and spectroscopic analysis
  • Richard F. HaglundJr.
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 129)

6. Conclusions

Because ultrafast lasers have pulse durations shorter than most characteristic relaxation times of condensed phases, it has become more important than ever to characterize their temporal, spatial, and spectral content in detail. Of increasing importance are the broad spectral bandwidth, the enhanced probability of multiphoton electronic excitations, and the possibility of creating extremely high spatio-temporal densities of electronic (or, in the case of picosecond infrared free-electron lasers, vibrational) excitation. Narrow-band tunable laser sources continue to have an important place here, because they permit state-selective excitations. Because ultrafast lasers can be used both to control the direction of laser-induced materials modification and to follow the temporal and spatial evolution of those modifications, the kinds of techniques described here are likely to be much more frequently used in the future. The most advanced techniques for doing this include:
  • Temporal characterization based on autocorrelation and pump-probe techniques, coupled to microscopy;

  • The spatial evolution of the laser-modified material using X-ray and electron diffraction methods; and

  • Monitoring the temporal and spatial evolution of material removed by the laser using nonlinear time-resolved spectroscopy, such as CARS.


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