Security and Confidentiality on Laboratory Computer Systems

  • Daniel F. Cowan
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The issue of computer system security has changed somewhat over the years, as technology has evolved from reliance on inaccessible, large, centralized mainframes to the use of distributed, linked or networked systems. Modern computer technology based on microcomputers and on-line access and broader use of powerful and user-friendly programs has put computer applications and other data-processing functions previously done only by computer operations experts into the hands of users. This improvement in efficiency and effectiveness presents, however, a serious challenge to achieving adequate data security. Progress in distribution of computer technology has not been accompanied by an increase in the knowledge of users about the vulnerability of data and information to such threats as unauthorized deliberate or accidental modification, disclosure, and destruction. Perhaps the greatest challenge is for all users to be aware of the possible ways that the integrity of a computer system can be compromised and to understand that full and confident use depends on the integrity of the system.


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