Management of Chronic Posterior Tibial Subluxation

  • Steven C. Chudik
  • Peter T. Simonian
  • Thomas L. Wickiewicz


Chronic fixed posterior tibial subluxation in the multiple ligament injured knee, although extremely rare, is a difficult problem that requires complex management. There are two opposing goals after catastrophic ligamentous knee injury: stability and range of motion. Achieving both of these goals can be very difficult.1–8 Multiple ligamentous reconstructions are currently the recommended method of dealing with acute unstable knee injuries.1–4,9–11 Despite modern techniques, recurrent knee laxity or stiffness can be prob-lematic.l–3,5–8,11,12 These problems are amplified in the case of a chronic posterior tibial subluxation.


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  • Steven C. Chudik
  • Peter T. Simonian
  • Thomas L. Wickiewicz

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