The Common Instrument Middleware Architecture

Experiences and Future Directions
  • D.F. McMullen
  • R. Bramley
  • K. Chiu
  • H. Davis
  • T. Devadithya
  • J.C. Huffman
  • K. Huffman
  • T. Reichherzer
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It is clear from the number of e-science projects involving remote access to instruments that remote access and facility sharing is an emerging area of concern. In this chapter we discuss the Common Instrument Middleware Architecture (CIMA) project funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) through the NSF Middleware Initiative. CIMA aims at providing a middleware set to facilitate remoting instruments and sensors as community resources and building collaborations around shared facilities. We provide an overview of CIMA, discuss its relationship to some other instrument remote access projects, examine our experiences in developing and applying the architecture and look forward to future development directions for CIMA and its applications.


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  • H. Davis
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  • J.C. Huffman
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