Review on the Observed and Physical Properties of core Collapse Supernovae

  • Mario Hamuy
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 302)


Core-collapse supernovae prove to comprise the most common general class of exploding star in the Universe and they come in a great variety of flavors. The wide range of luminosities, expansion velocities, and chemical abundances displayed by these objects is evidence for large variations in explosion energy and in the properties of their progenitors. This paper summarizes observed and physical properties of all types of core collapse supernovae. Despite the great diversity displayed by these objects, several regularities emerge which suggest that 1) there is a continuum in the properties of these objects, 2) the mass of the envelope is one of the driving parameters of the explosion, or it is correlated with some other property of the core, with the latter determining the outcome of the explosion, and 3) the physics of the core and explosion mechanism of all core collapse supernovae are not be fundamentally different, regardless of the external appearance of the supernova. Far above in energy scale and 56Ni production lies SN 1998bw, the only supernova firmly associated with a gamma-ray burst.


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