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  • Lucinda Becker
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Lectures provide one of the fundamental teaching blocks of the science undergraduate teaching system, and yet attitudes towards them vary widely. Do not be fooled into thinking that lectures are not worthwhile. They are, and you will put yourself at a disadvantage later in your course if you get into the habit of missing them. When it comes to revising, there is nothing better than your own notes from lectures. It is inevitable that you will leave a few of your lectures with a sense of disappointment: maybe the lecturer was not very clear or inspirational or perhaps the lecture did not cover the area that you had hoped to hear about. However, to miss lectures is usually just a way of making more work for yourself. The advantage of being there is that you can make judgements about the subject (Is it worth your while to pursue it further? Have you gained some insight into how to approach the subject?) and you will certainly save yourself a lot of reading time.


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