A Modern Fairytale

  • Mary Stopes-Roe
Part of the Macmillan Science book series (MACSCI)


Life back in Chillon was a source of anecdote and amusement, and winter sports — skating, skiing, enjoying the snowy mountains — provided health and pleasure. Molly responded cheerfully with tales of her family’s post- Christmas entertainments including a family dramatic production and Betty’s birthday treat. Mr Bloxam took his three oldest children and his wife to the cinema, the first such visit they had ever made. They saw ‘The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse’, taken from a Spanish novel of the Great War. An exciting event in which Rudolf Valentino leapt to stardom, but a strange choice, particularly for the neurotic Mrs Bloxam and the over-sensitive Betty.


Europe Shrinkage Measle Shoe Hate 


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