Mr Bloxam’s “Cure”

  • Mary Stopes-Roe
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The women of the family, still working against Mr Bloxam, suggested that Molly might do well to take a course on domestic rather than medical skills when the new term started. Her expertise on such matters was negligible, limited to a modest ability to dust, tidy and mend. The only cookery she had encountered at close quarters was that of Auntie Fanny and of Barnes himself; and her mother’s capacity for household administration was not such as to inspire confidence. With the prevailing expectations surrounding married life in her class and time, running a house for a busy and preoccupied husband would be a problem. But Barnes could not forget the possibility that it might all be a dream, and that Molly might prefer to learn independence while returning to College and a career. Nor could he honourably overlook the word they had both given to Molly’s father, that she should not commit herself in any way to a future with him. Constantly threatened by these thoughts he began counting down the days until the fateful date.


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