The End of the Stale Bread

  • Mary Stopes-Roe
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Of course all physics things are the everyday tools of the engineer. Didn’t you know that? That’s partly why I love to think you take them, so then I can talk much technical rubbish to you, and you will nod your head very wisely and say “yes, yes” at proper intervals, when all the time we both know perfectly well that being only a girl you can’t understand a single word! Oh dear I feel so orangey, and theres that wretched cuckoo [the clock he brought back from Switzerland] just struck ten [p.m.], and the post goes at ten past. Wring its little neck I will. Good old Grannie, she’s always a bit slow — says she hasn’t got used to the place yet.


Income Microbe Gravel Sine Prefix 


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Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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