Banking and Financial Systems in Non-Gulf Arab Countries

  • Philip Molyneux
  • Munawar Iqbal
Part of the Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions book series (SBFI)


This chapter outlines the main characteristics of the financial systems of non-Gulf Arab countries. The aim is to outline factors that have impacted on the performance and structure of financial institutions operating in these countries. The following presents an overview of the financial systems of Egypt, Jordan, the Maghreb countries and other Arab countries. We also examine briefly the financial reforms that have taken place in these countries. Particular attention is paid to reforms that have taken place over the last decade. The chapter examines changes in the financial structure of non-Gulf Arab countries over the last decade and covers issues relating to issues such as the relative importance of the commercial banks, changes in banking sector market concentration and credit distribution to the main economic sectors.


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  • Philip Molyneux
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  • Munawar Iqbal
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  2. 2.Islamic Banking and Finance DivisionIslamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development BankJeddahSaudi Arabia

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