Erratum to: Imaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometrial Cancer

  • Jessica J. Kraeft
  • Susanna I. Lee
Part of the Current Clinical Oncology book series (CCO)

Erratum to: Chapter “Imaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometrial Cancer” in:J. J. Kraeft, S. I. Lee, Current Clinical Oncology, DOI  10.1007/7631_2015_3

Page 1

Abstract: ‘recurrence’ should be ‘recurrences’.

Section “Introduction”

(1st paragraph), 5th line: hyphen missing in ‘post-treatment’.

Page 2

Section “Cancer Detection”

(First paragraph), 3rd line: Deleted ‘because’.

Page 3

Section “Endometrial Morphology”

(1st paragraph), 6th line: deleted ‘nonfocal’.

Page 4

Section “Cancer Staging”

(1st paragraph): Replaced ‘because of the’ with ‘due to’.

(2nd paragraph), 9th line: deleted ‘case’.

(3rd paragraph), 9th line: Inserted ‘invasion’

Page 6

Section “Sonohysterography”

(4th paragraph)

5th line: Replaced ‘Because’ with ‘As’. Inserted ‘a’ after ‘demonstrates’

8th line: Replaced ‘for’ with ‘in’.

Page 7

Section “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, last line: ‘…with TVUS or biopsy is precluded.’ was replaced with ‘…is precluded with TVUS or biopsy.’

Section “Technique” (1st paragraph), 14th line: inserted ‘may’ after ‘cancer’. Changed ‘presents’ to ‘present’.

Section “Cancer Detection” (1st paragraph), 6th line: Inserted ‘as’ after ‘appears’.

Page 8

Section “Cancer Staging” (1st paragraph):

Throughout this section “MR” has been corrected to “MRI”.

1st line: Insert ‘The’ at beginning of sentence.

3rd line: insert ‘patients’ after ‘those’. Revise ‘stage’ with ‘stages’.

6th line: Delete ‘lymph node’

7th line: Replace ‘on those’ with ‘in patients’.

8th line: Replace ‘extrauterine metastases’ with ‘lymph’.

23rd line: Replace ‘for’ with in’. Replace ‘diagnosis’ with diagnosing’.

(2nd paragraph), line 1: Replace ‘Because’ with “As”.

Section “Myometrial Invasion”: (2nd paragraph)

1st line: Replaced ‘are’ with ‘occur’.

2nd line: Replaced ‘to’ with ‘of’

8th line: Revised ‘demonstrates’ to ‘demonstrate’

Section “Cervical Invasion”: (1st paragraph): Delete the last sentence.

(2nd paragraph):

1st line: Replace ‘of up to’ with ‘using MRI are reported to be as high as’.

2nd line: Delete ‘reported’. Replace ‘because’ with ‘as’.

Page 9

Fig. 6: In caption ‘with surgical pathology’ was replaced with ‘by pathologic examination’.

Fig.7.: In caption ‘with surgical pathology’ was replaced with ‘by pathologic examination’.

Section “Extrauterine Spread’: (1st paragraph), lines 3-4: ‘into parametrial fat’ was replaced with ‘to serosa’.

Page 10

Fig. 8: In caption “with surgical evaluation and’ was replace with ‘by pathologic examination’.

Page 11

Fig. 9: In caption ‘on surgical pathology’ was replaced with ‘ by pathologic examination’.

Section ‘Computed Tomography’: (1st paragraph):

8th line: ‘whose’ was replaced with ‘with a’.

13th line: ‘In detecting lymphadenopathy’ was moved to 14th line after word ‘MRI’.

16th line: ‘for a lymph node to be’ was inserted after the word ‘diameter’.

18th line: ‘detecting’ was inserted before word ‘lymph’.

(2nd paragraph)

10th line: ‘For detecting cervical invasion’ was replaced with ‘in detecting myometrial invasion,’

13th line: ‘in detecting cervical invasion’ was inserted after ‘specifity’.

Page 14

Fig. 12: In caption ‘pathologically’ was deleted. At end of caption ‘and pathologic evaluation’ was inserted.

Section ‘Imaging Post-primary Therapy’: (1st paragraph), 4th line: ‘for recurrent tumor’ and ‘the’ were deleted.

Section ‘Conclusion’: 7th line: ‘made’ was replaced with ‘confirmed’.

Page 15

Fig. 13: In caption ‘pathologically’ was deleted.

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  • Jessica J. Kraeft
    • 1
  • Susanna I. Lee
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of RadiologyTufts Medical CenterBostonUSA
  2. 2.Department of Radiology Massachusetts General HospitalHarvard Medical SchoolBostonUSA

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