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Erratum to: Prognostic Factors in Uterine Cancer

  • Patricia M. Baker
  • Esther Oliva
Part of the Current Clinical Oncology book series (CCO)

Erratum to: Chapter “Prognostic Factors in Uterine Cancer” in: P. M. Baker, E. Oliva, Current Clinical Oncology, DOI  10.1007/7631_2015_4

All the bracketed citation numbers have been corrected throughout the chapter.

All instances of grade numbers presented in roman numerals were changed to arabic numerals.

Page 2

Section ‘FIGO Stage’, 1st paragraph:

Lines 35-36: ‘lymph nodes’ was inserted after ‘para-aortic’

Line 37: ‘CIII-1” was revised to ‘IIIC-1’.

Line 38: ‘CIII-2’ was revised to ‘IIIC-2”.

Line 63: ‘the e’ was revised to ‘there’.

Page 3: Table 2 was replaced with a revised table.

Page 5

2nd paragraph, 9th line: ‘5 years’ has been revised to ‘7 years’.

Page 6

Section ‘Histologic Grade’, 1st paragraph:

Line 18: ‘EC’ was revise to ‘EEC’.

Page 10, 2nd paragraph,

6th line: ‘clear cell carcinomas’ was replaced with ‘CCC’.

12th line: ‘in about 25% of clear cell carcinomas’ was replace with ‘in about 25% of these tumors’.

Page 11, 1st paragraph

6th line: ‘stage I clear cell carcinoma’ was replaced with ‘stage I tumors’.

12th line: ‘CCC’ was inserted after ‘stage I’.

Section ‘Myometrial Invasion’, 1st paragraph, line 49: ‘adenomyotic foci, rather than true myometrial invasion, is not recognized.’ has been replaced with ‘adenomyotic foci is not recognized.’

59th line: ‘Residual benign endometrial glands’ was replaced with ‘The finding of residual benign endometrial glands’.

Page 13

27th line: ‘IIA tumors is similar to stage I tumors,’ was replaced with ‘IIA tumors is similar to those with stage I tumors,’.

Section ‘Age’, 1st paragraph,

4th line: ‘women with endometrial carcinoma’ was replaced with ‘women with EC.

Lines 17-19: ‘and may associated with higher stage and possibly poorer prognosis’ was replaced with ‘and higher stage and possibly poorer prognosis’.

Page 14

Section ‘Lymphovascular Invasion’, 2nd paragraph, 9th line: ‘lymph node metastasis’ was replaced with ‘lymph node metastases’

Page 15:

‘(stage IIIA)’ was deleted from caption for figure 11.

3rd paragraph, lines 23-24: ‘ovarian involvement, small ovaries, a multinodular pattern of growth,’ was replaced with ‘ovarian involvement, small ovaries, multinodular growth,”

Page 16

1st paragraph, 1st line: ‘in the EEC [188, 190]’ was inserted after ‘and poorly differentiated histology’.

Section ‘Stage IIIC’, 1st paragraph, line 49: ‘moderate risk of lymph node metastasis [34].’ was replaced with ‘moderate risk of lymph node metastases [29].

Page 18

Section ‘DNA Ploidy, 2nd paragraph:

Line 13: ‘patients with favorable endometrioid tumors’ was replaced with ‘patients with endometrioid tumors’.

Lines 17-18: ‘Several investigators have found DNA ploidy and to be independent’ was replaced with ‘Several investigators have found DNA ploidy to be an independent’.

Page 19

Section title ‘c-erb-B2 (HER-2/neu)’ was revised to ‘C-Erb-B2 (Her-2/Neu)’

Page 20: Figure 14 was moved to page 21. ‘in EEC’ was added to end of caption (a). The words ‘depression of’ was deleted from caption (b).

Page 21

Section ‘Pten’, lines 1-2: ‘PTEN (phosphatase and tensin homologue detected from chromosome 10)’ was revised to ‘PTEN (phosphatase and tensin homologue) located on chromosome 10q’.

Page 22

Figure 14 was moved to page 21.

2nd paragraph, lines 23-25: ‘overlapping features, both histologic and immunohistochemical that overlap with endocervical adenocarcinomas [298].’ was revised to ‘overlapping histological and immunohistochemical features with endocervical adenocarcinomas [291].’

Page 24

Section ‘Low-Grade Endometrial Stromal’ was renamed to ‘Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma’.

Section ‘Undifferentiated Endometrial Sarcoma’: The 2nd sentence ‘Note that most of the high-grade endometrial stromal sarcomas referred to in the literature have been diagnosed largely by mitotic activity, a feature that is now known not to be significant.’ has been deleted.

Section ‘Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor (Carcinosarcoma)‘, 2nd paragraph, lines 25-27: ‘although some recent studies suggest that malignant mixed müllerian tumors exhibit decreased ER and PR [217].’ has been deleted.

Page 25

Section ‘Conclusions’:

2nd bulleted item: ‘has eliminated stage IIA as well positive peritoneal cytology from stage IIIA’ was revised to ‘has eliminated stage IIA as well as positive peritoneal cytology from stage IIIA’.

4th bulleted item: ‘most important factors in tumor stage.’ has been revised to ‘most important factors in stage I tumors’.

Page 26

11th bulleted item: ‘are associated with poor prognosis even when stage I.’ was revised to ‘are associated with poor prognosis even when low stage.’

Pages 26-40: The list of references was renumbered.

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  • Patricia M. Baker
    • 1
  • Esther Oliva
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of PathologyHealth Science CenterWinnipegCanada
  2. 2.Department of PathologyMassachusetts General HospitalBostonUSA

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