Update, Conclusions and Recommendations for Water Resources in Slovakia: Climate Change, Drought and Floods

  • Martina Zeleňáková
  • Abdelazim M. NegmEmail author
Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 70)


This chapter highlights the update of the topic, main conclusions and recommendations of the chapters presented in the book. Therefore, this chapter contains information on water resources in Slovakia in the period of climate change. It focuses on hydrological extremes and Slovakia – droughts and floods – risk assessment and protection; it is devoted to sustain their management. Also, it covers the main issues of the indoor environment – water management in the buildings (construction) level. Also, a set of recommendations for future research is pointed out to direct the future research towards sustainability of water resource management which is one of the strategic themes of the Slovak Republic.


Climate change Droughts Floods Indoor environment Management Protection Risk assessment Slovakia Sustainability Water resources 


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