Dysthyroidism and Chronic Heart Failure: Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches

  • Caterina Rizzo
  • Margherita Ilaria Gioia
  • Giuseppe Parisi
  • Vincenzo Triggiani
  • Massimo IacovielloEmail author
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1067)


Among comorbidity in chronic heart failure (CHF), dysthyroidism represents a relevant problem especially in the ageing CHF patients worldwide. Thyroid greatly affects many cardiovascular activities and its dysfunction may worsen a CHF condition. In particular, hypothyroidism has a relative high prevalence in patients with heart failure and it plays a key role in influencing CHF onset, progression and prognosis. Hyperthyroidism, is less frequent in this clinical context but it necessitates of immediate treatment because of its negative effects on cardiovascular balance. Also, it must be considered that dysthyroism may also be iatrogenic and the main responsible drug is Amiodarone.

Based on the best available evidence and our cumulative clinical experience, this manuscript analyzes the prevalence, the pathophysiology and the prognostic impact of thyroid disorders in chronic heart failure.


Chronic heart failure hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism Amiodarone 


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