The Role of Cardiologists in the Management of Patients with Heart Failure

  • Vera Maria Avaldi
  • Jacopo LenziEmail author
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Heart failure is a complex clinical syndrome with a remarkable impact on health care systems in terms of patients’ morbidity and mortality, as well as direct and indirect costs. It is essential to redesign models of care for patients with heart failure that are tailored on personalized health care needs and carried out in the most appropriate setting. There is some debate about the role of cardiologists in the management of patients with heart failure. Indeed, results regarding the inclination of cardiologists’ patients to achieve better outcomes are controversial, given the heterogeneity of studies in terms of study design, population, setting and variables considered. The aim of this chapter is to describe and synthesize the current state of knowledge about the role of specialists in the management of patient with heart failure, and to assess whether there is a type of patients for which cardiologists demonstrate the greatest value or a setting of care where they add more benefit.


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