Investigation of Diffusion in Molecular Sieves by Neutron Scattering Techniques

Part of the Molecular Sieves book series (SIEVES, volume 7)


Neutron scattering was first used to derive the self-diffusivities of hydrocarbons in zeolites, but transport diffusivities of deuterated molecules and of molecules which do not contain hydrogen atoms can now be measured. The technique allows one to probe diffusion over space scales ranging from a few Å to hundreds of Å. The mechanism of diffusion can, thus, be followed from the elementary jumps between adsorption sites to Fickian diffusion. The neutron spin-echo technique pushes down the lower limit of diffusion coefficients, traditionally accessible by neutron methods, by two orders of magnitude. The neutron scattering results indicate that the corrected diffusivity is rarely constant and that it follows neither the Darken approximation nor the lattice gas model. The clear minimum and maximum in diffusivity observed by neutron spin-echo for n-alkanes in 5A zeolite is reminiscent of the controversial “window effect”.

Corrected diffusivity Neutron scattering Self-diffusivity transport diffusivity Zeolites  


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