A parallel database accelerator

  • Björn Bergsten
  • Michel Couprie
  • Rubén González-Rubio
  • Brigitte Kerhervé
  • Mikal Ziane
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In this paper we present DDC (Delta Driven Computer) a parallel database accelerator. This accelerator is dedicated to process classical database applications as well as deduction. The original approach of this system comes from the computational model which is particularly adapted to parallelism. Efficiency is attained by the use of parallelism, compilation and I/O reduction. We present here a general overview of the accelerator and we focus on the language levels and the computationnal model. We conclude with a quick outlook about DDC's successor which provides a convenient and efficient way to implement advanced functionnalities required by emerging applications.


Hash Function Execution Model Deductive Database Relational Operation Execution Scheme 
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  • Björn Bergsten
    • 1
  • Michel Couprie
    • 2
  • Rubén González-Rubio
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  • Brigitte Kerhervé
    • 3
  • Mikal Ziane
    • 1
  1. 1.Centre de Recherche BullLouveciennesFrance
  2. 2.ESIEENoisy -Le-GrandFrance
  3. 3.INFOSYSPuteauxFrance

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