SimDS — An approach to service modelling

  • Paul A. Sellek
  • David O. Beaumont
Conference paper
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SimDS is a new ‘end-to-end’ service modelling tool which allows service and system designers to test, by computer simulation, new interactive multimedia services. The current version of the program, SimDS 3, supports connection-oriented retrieval services using a classic Client/Server architecture. SimDS 4 will extend the functionality to support connectionless, multicast and peer-to-peer services such as videoconferencing. The use of SimDS opens up a number of avenues for `workflow' in service design as the same tool may be used by systems analysts, service designers, systems integrators as well as marketing teams.


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  • David O. Beaumont
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  1. 1.pplied Research & Technology, BT Laboratories [NAA33]Martlesham HeathIpswichUK
  2. 2.Applied Research & Technology, BT Laboratories [NAA33]Martlesham HeathIpswichUK

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