Secure network communications and secure store & forward mechanisms within the SAP R/3 system

  • Bernhard Esslinger
  • Jürgen Schneider
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Information security and data protection is gaining more and more importance with business software such as R/3 because:
  • • Business applications become “mission-critical” if companies carry out their most important business processes with them.

  • • Programs and data are subject to a greater danger of loss, change and espionage in client/server environments than in mainframe based systems.

  • • The danger increases even more as the systems become interconnected with publicly accessible LANs and WANs.

R/3 processes highly sensitive data (for example, company-internal and person-related information). Therefore a number of security mechanisms are already active in R/3 since the beginning:
  • • authentication of all users by means of passwords,

  • • R/3 authorization concept, and

  • • protection of the communication between front-end and application server by compression.

Now SAP enhances the security of R/3 by
  • • Securing online network communications (the SNC Project) and by

  • • Implementing secure store&forward mechanisms for electronic payment (the SSF Project).


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