A new algorithm for the ordered tree inclusion problem

  • Thorsten Richter
Conference paper
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In the problem of ordered tree inclusion two ordered labeled trees P and T are given, and the pattern tree P matches the target tree T at a node x, if there exists a one-to-one map f from the nodes of P to the nodes of T which preserves the labels, the ancestor relation and the left-to-right ordering of the nodes. In [7] Kilpeläinen and Mannila give an algorithm that solves the problem of ordered tree inclusion in time and space Θ(∣P∣ · ∣T∣). In this paper we present a new algorithm for the ordered tree inclusion problem with time complexity O(∣Σ p ∣ · ∣T∣ +#matches · DEPTH(T)), where Σ p is the alphabet of the labels of the pattern tree and #matches is the number of pairs (v, w) ∈ P * T with LABEL(v)=LABEL(w). The space complexity of our algorithm is O ∣gS p ∣ · ∣T∣ + #matches).


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