Supporting distributed configuration management in virtual enterprises

  • John Noll
  • Walt Scacchi
Conference paper
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This paper presents a semantic hypertext-based framework called DHT that supports distributed software configuration management, provides transparent access to heterogeneous, autonomous software repositories, and enables an implementation strategy with low cost and effort. We show how DHT solves the practical problems of sharing and updating heterogenous multi-version software in a virtual enterprise of distributed teams, integrating existing CM tools and environments, executing CM processes to coordinate development activities across wide-area networks. This is when the process model is represented as a user navigable hypertext graph whose nodes associate process steps, user roles, and associated tools with designated software product versions and configurations. Furthermore, we show that this can require the support for alternative policy models for the commitment of software updates into local CM repositories. Overall, these capabilities provide support for product-centered enactment of CM policies and processes across a virtual enterprise of teams connected via the Internet.


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  • Walt Scacchi
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