On minimum-area hulls

Extended abstract
  • Esther M. Arkin
  • Yi-Jen Chiang
  • Martin Held
  • Joseph S. B. Mitchell
  • Vera Sacristan
  • Steven S. Skiena
  • Tae-Cheon Yang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1136)


We study some minimum-area hull problems that generalize the notion of convex hull to star-shaped and monotone hulls. Specifically, we consider the minimum-area star-shaped hull problem: Given an n-vertex simple polygon P, find a minimum-area, star-shaped polygon P* containing P. We also consider the case in which P* is required to be monotone (the minimum-area monotone hull problem).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Esther M. Arkin
    • 1
  • Yi-Jen Chiang
    • 1
  • Martin Held
    • 2
  • Joseph S. B. Mitchell
    • 1
  • Vera Sacristan
    • 3
  • Steven S. Skiena
    • 4
  • Tae-Cheon Yang
    • 5
  1. 1.Applied Mathematics and StatisticsSUNYStony BrookUSA
  2. 2.Institut für ComputerwissenschaftenUniversität SalzburgSalzburgAustria
  3. 3.Matemàtica Aplicada IIUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaBarcelonaSpain
  4. 4.Computer ScienceSUNYStony Brook
  5. 5.Computer ScienceKyungsung UniversityPusanKorea

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