Customization of a commercial CM system to provide better management mechanisms

  • Karen Parker
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Consider the question often asked in software development: Whyproduct 10 times faster than one engineer? Effort and schedule arerelationship. What function is the additional effort serving ifThis extra effort is generally referred to as overhead. The primarycomplexity of developing many pieces concurrently and integrating

Assuming software schedules will not become less demanding, theon minimizing the overhead associated with adding more people.

The overhead can be minimized by using a development process modelnication and tracking capabilities as well as configurationnisms during the initial and rework phases of a project.

Such a model was defined and implemented by our company by addingmanagement, communication and integration mechanisms to thetion Management) 3.0 and CaseWare/PT (Problem Tracking) 3.0model was used and improved on several projects and contributedof the projects.


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