Spacetime distortion as a reason for quantum stochasticity

  • Yuri A. Rylov
Part II: Seminars
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 457)


One develops a theory which relates to the conventional quantum mechanics in the same way, as the statistical physics relates to the axiomatic thermodynamics. Quantum effects are shown to be a result of some spacetime deformation (distortion) which converts one-dimensional world lines of free pointlike particles into three-dimensional world tubes. The world tubes are random, and their thickness is determined by the Planck constant describing the distortion magnitude. A statistical description of the world tubes in the associated Minkowski spacetime is equivalent to the quantum description (Schrödinger equation). Application of the statistical description to the dynamic system described by the Pauli equation shows that the electron spin has a classical analog, which is a collective property of the statistical ensemble of electrons (not a property of a single electron).


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