A lecture on the Calogero-Sutherland models

  • V. Pasquier
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 436)


In these lectures, I review some recent results on the Calogero Sutherland model and the Haldane Shatry-chain. The list of topics I cover are the following: 1) The Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonien and fractional stastistics. The form factor of the density operator. 2) The Dunkl operators and their relations with monodromy matrices, Yangians and affine-Hecke algebras. 3) The Haldane-Shastry chain in connection with the Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonian at a specific coupling constant.


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  • V. Pasquier
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  1. 1.Service de Physique Théorique de SaclayGif sur Yvette CedexFrance

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