White dwarfs

  • Peter Thejll
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I have described how WDs fit in to the stellar evolution picture and what questions they may help answer - e.g. the details of nucleosynthesis, mass-loss in the giant stages, and the age of the Galaxy. Notably astereoseismology of WDs can give information about internal structure to such a high degree of accuracy that understanding the “satellite” UV absorption features near Lyman-a becomes of great importance for bringing into agreement the photospheric analysis, and the things revealed by ZZ Ceti analysis. Recent advances in the modelling of H2+, and other quasi-molecular absorbers, have the potentials for achieving this in the near future.

For those seeking further insight into the state of the art in white dwarf research, the biennial proceedings of the WD workshops can be recommended: Wegner (1988), Vauclair & Sion (1990) and Barstow (1992).


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