Homogeneous neuronlike structures for optimization variational problem solving

  • Kalyayev I. A. 
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The wide class of optimization problems requiring the selection of a single optimal solution among a set of possible variants falls into the category of variational problems. The mismatch between the parallel nature of variational problems and the serial way of information processing on standard computers makes great difficalties in solving this problems by computer, espessially when the task must be solved quickly in real time. The method of solving the different types of variational problems with the help of homogeneous neuron like structure (HNS) using the parallel information processing is presented in this work. By that a high speed in working out of the solution is achieve-One of the variational problems, requiring the solution in real time is the problem of planning the collision-free robot movement to the target. The solution of given problem by the HNS is presented in the paper. The high homogeneity and simplicity of the HNS cells allowed to construct the VLSI of HNS fragments and the HNS microassemby which are described in this paper. Some examples the applications of HNS in autonomous transport robot-planetcars control systems are given too.


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