High precision simulations with fast algorithms

  • Ulli Wolff
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 409)


A brief non-rigorous introduction to the Monte Carlo method for the simulation of lattice quantum field theoretical models is given. The associated problem of critical slowing down in the continuum limit is addressed together with its partial solution for some classes of systems. The version of overrelaxation mostly used in practice, with alternating microcanonical and standard updates, is analyzed exactly for free fields and described in numerical applications to spin and gauge systems. Cluster algorithms are briefly introduced, and applications to the two dimensional O(3) δ-model are described in some detail. They include the exploration of scaling behavior, a numerical estimate of scattering phases and the demonstration and test of a general technique to compute running renormalized coupling constants in asymptotically free theories. We conclude with remarks on the present status of algorithm development.


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