A joint Master's level software engineering subtrack

  • Don Epley
Session 8: Integrating Software Engineering with Computer Science
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 640)


The Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Iowa are establishing a 12 semester hour sequence of courses or subtrack in software engineering within their established Master's programs. Students completing the subtrack receive a special designation on their transcript. The design of the subtrack is discussed and comparisons of the resulting Masters programs with programs for separate Master degrees in software engineering are made. Surprisingly, the differences are not as large as one might expect. Moreover, the specific differences provide insight into the relationship between the subtrack approach and the separate degree approach. A possible evolution of a subtrack into a complete degree program is also made evident. With the current shortage of resources for starting new degree programs, this subtrack approach should be attractive to many other universities.


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