The advanced information management prototype

  • Peter Pistor
  • Peter Dadam
Part I System Design
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 361)


The Advanced Information Management Prototype is a system that has been designed and implemented as research vehicle for the area of non-standard database applications. It is an object oriented system heavily influenced by the ideas of nested relations (e.g. NF2, VERSO).

The paper addresses the following areas:
  1. Overall design objectives and their motivation by the history and background of the R&D project

  2. Discussion of the query language interface (supported data types and data structures, semantics of major language constructs, possibilities for the treatment of shared and recursive data)

  3. Detailed discussion of the internal data structures and selected system components (record management, complex object management, version management, workstation/server cooperation)

  4. User defined data types and operations (abstract data type support)

  5. Current implementation status and outlook on future directions of research and development



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