SOOM and tornado-* experience with database-support for object-oriented applications

  • Arne J. Berre
Implementation, Existing Systems, And Transactions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 334)


SOOM, Semantic Object-Oriented Model, and Tornado-* are the datamodel and database-architecture supporting the object-oriented Taskon-Environment. The major component in this environment is a set of structure-oriented editors that manipulate a hypertext-like document-structure. SOOM is a datamodel based on a merge of ideas from structural and behavioral object-oriented datamodels, where relations are added to an object-oriented language, Smalltalk-80. Tornado-* is an architecture based on one or more centralized object-servers and a local workspace on each workstation. The current bottleneck of the initial caching from a centralized server to the local workspace is identified, and a solution based on a distributed object-server is suggested. This paper focus on the multilayer approach used in both the model and the architecture.


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