A distributed object server

  • Harry H. Porter
  • Earl F. Ecklund
  • Denise J. Ecklund
  • T. Lougenia Anderson
  • Bruce Schneider
Implementation, Existing Systems, And Transactions
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One of the major problems in an object-oriented DBMS is supporting interfaces to multiple languages. It is our thesis that this is best done by providing a common, low-level of functionality that can be used to implement various high-level language servers. This paper presents the architecture of such a low-level distributed object server with the following features: (1) sharing of persistent objects between sites, (2) resilience of objects in the presence of site crashes, (3) transactions to manage concurrency control, (4) immutable objects to promote efficiency, and (5) historical versions of objects. The objects provided by the server are very simple; basically chunks of storage containing object pointers and raw, uninterpreted data. In particular, there is no notion of message passing or behavior at the level of the server described here. This server is intended to be the lowest layer of a number of different object-oriented database systems in which the higher levels augment the functionality provided by this server to provide a richer object model, including complex object types and message passing behavior. An example of one such system is an extension to the Smalltalk object model [Goldberg and Robson, 1983] to provide a globally shared, resilient object space. This extension is called Distributed Smalltalk and is described in a companion paper [Porter, et. al, 1988].


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  • Harry H. Porter
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  • Earl F. Ecklund
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  • Denise J. Ecklund
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  • T. Lougenia Anderson
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  • Bruce Schneider
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  1. 1.Computer Research Lab, Tektronix LaboratoriesTektronix, Inc.BeavertonUSA

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