Vodak kernel data model

  • Horst Duchêne
  • Manfred Kaul
  • Volker Turau
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At the GMD-IPSI institute integrated information and publication processing systems are developed. All projects are planned to have a common interface to a kernel data model. Conventional database systems are inadequate for the crucial role planned in this environment. They do not provide sufficient semantic modelling features, knowledge representation capabilities or flexible management tools. The semantics of applications have to be handcoded in application programs. Therefore a new generation database system supporting non standard applications efficiently is developed at our institute within the VODAK-project. The system will be based on a compactly described kernel model, that supports complex objects, abstract data types, inheritance, and message passing. Up to now there are only few approaches unifying all these features in a single model.


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  • Horst Duchêne
    • 1
  • Manfred Kaul
    • 1
  • Volker Turau
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  1. 1.GMD-IPSI / Institute for Integrated Publication and Information SystemsDarmstadtFRG

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