Macromolecular Motion at the Nanoscale of Enzymes Working on Polysaccharides

  • M. Sletmoen
  • G. S. Bræk
  • B.T. Stokke
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 711)


Polysaccharide modifying enzymes may utilise enzyme-substrate motion to generate specific sequence patterns in polymers (e.g. epimerisation), or to produce oligomers as a result of depolymerisation. Enzyme catalysed polymerisation of polysaccharides may also create motion of entire species (bacteria). The energy balance show the clear role of biochemically accessible energy in most of such examples, whereas in others, conformational changes associated with the mutual relocation of the enzyme relative to the polymer substrate is the most likely source. A comparison between the mechanism underlying the nanoscale motion of enzymes working on polysaccharides, with various known types of energy catalysing the motion is discussed.


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  • G. S. Bræk
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