Disorder Diffuse Scattering of Crystals and Quasicrystals

  • Friedrich Frey
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 610)


Diffuse scattering is due to departures of any kind from a perfectly ordered periodic array of identical structural units in n-dimensional space. Crystals and quasicrystals refer to n = 3 and n > 3, respectively. Periodicity of aperiodically ordered quasicrystals is restored in higher dimensional (hyper-) space. The term “disorder” covers a wide range of structural fluctuations including displacive, chemical, or lattice (= domain) disorder. Phasonic type fluctuations in quasicrystals describe displacements of hyperatoms in the perpendicular subspace of the superspace. Bragg diffraction provides information about the space/time-average of a (quasi-) crystal, i.e. about properties of single atomic sites. Diffuse scattering contains information about how pairs of atoms or larger structural units behave. Examples of layer-disorder in crystals and disorder in decagonal quasicrystals are discussed in some detail.


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