Enumerating Floorplans with n Rooms

  • Shin-ichi Nakano
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2223)


A plane drawing of a graphis called a floorplan if every face (including the outer face) is a rectangle. A based floorplan is a floorplan with a designated base line segment on the outer face. In this paper we give a simple algorithm to generate all based floorplans with at most n faces. The algorithm uses O(n) space and generates such. oorplans in O(1) time per floorplan without duplications. The algorithm does not output entire floorplans but the difference from the previous floorplan. By modifying the algorithm we can generate without duplications all based floorplans having exactly n faces in O(1) time per floorplan. Also we can generate without duplications all (non-based) floorplans having exactly n faces in O(n) time per floorplan.


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  • Shin-ichi Nakano
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  1. 1.Gunma UniversityKiryuJapan

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